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"I would rather loose money than trust"

Robert Bosch

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Managing Partner

  • Held several international executive leadership positions at Computer Associates (CA Technologies), including COO of European Operations.

  • Extensive network in the startup community around New Mobility that spans hundreds of startups, technology companies, incubators / accelerators, academia and the investor community.

  • Mentor at TechStars Mobility Detroit, Microsoft Accelerator, 1871.

  • Initiator and Founding Member of the Board of Directors at the Illinois Autonomous Vehicle Association.

  • Advisor at the IOTA Foundation and Global Blockchain Ventures.



Managing Partner

  • Informed strategic investment decisions at world leading software companies including SAP, Microsoft and Infor around  enterprise applications, cloud computing, optimization and autonomous agents. 

  • Initiated SAP’s work on the Internet of Things (IoT) with the MIT Auto-ID Center in 2000. Worked with Stuart Kaufman from the Santa Fe institute on autonomous systems and agent-based optimization. Formulated SAP’s Adaptive Supply Network vision.

  • Lead the development of several product innovations from inception through market launch.

  • Current focus areas are data economies and the “Economy of Things” including frictionless peer-to-peer marketplaces.

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